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Broiler Chickens


We get our baby chicks from suppliers in Iowa as day old which means they hatched the day before shipped.  We introduce them to their new home where they are provided lots of warmth, food, and water.  As they get older, they are able to move from indoors to outdoors.  They are very active and love to eat the produce that is unable to be sold.  They are butchered between 4 and 5 lbs and available for sale.  They are 100% chicken, never injected with a saline solution, and are not grown with extra medications or hormones.  We usually do 2 batches a year and range from 50 to 100 per batch.  Chickens are available for sale as long as they are available.  Contact us today to reserve yours and/or to find out more information.



Our turkeys also arrive to our farm from a local Iowa hatchery as just hatched chicks sometime in June.  Our baby turkeys begin their days on our farm in a secure location with plenty of heat, area to roam, food, and water.  Baby turkeys capture my heart as they are very top heavy.  As they acclimate to their new home, they will run and then fall head over heels.  They will pick themselves up and do it all over again.  If I am not careful, I will watch them for hours and neglect the rest of my work.  As they grow, the turkeys are given more room and area to roam outside.  They eat lots of bugs, produce that doesn't sell or is extra, a mixture of grains, and weeds.  They always run to check out what we have for them when we get close to their fence.  They are a joy for the farm.  Turkeys are availabe the end of October and beginning of November, butchered and ready for your table.  We usually sell out of turkeys fast, so contact us today for more information.

Laying Hens and Eggs


Our ladies are such an asset to our farm.  We raise them up from chicks and love and nourish them until they are retired, living their life completely on our farm.  We currently have 2 flocks laying a variety of brown eggs.  They live their lives in chicken trucks that we pull around the farm helping us with bug control, weed control, and fertilization of our yard.  We love having eggs at our fingertips to use in baked goods, cooking, and to offer to our customers.  Our ladies are great foragers as well and enjoy eating extra produce - especially cucumbers, tomatoes, and any greens with lettuce and spinach being their favorite!  If you are in need of eggs, we have them for you!  Contact us today to arrange a time to pick some up!

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